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Rebecca has attended the Leadership Institute at Harvard University as well as  Montana state and University of Alaska for degrees in Psychology and education.

Her professional career has included national and international education, psychology, business, corporate, government, and entrepreneurship to develop and implement effective, systemic, infrastructures and programs that meet the needs of individuals and organizations locally and globally for the 21st Century.
Rebecca has spent her career developing a broad and deep perspective from experiences culturally rich and economically diverse environments including rural, suburbia, inner city, American Indian reservations, remote areas of Alaska, the United Arab Emirates, and Eastern Europe, and world-wide travel. From this she has been able to develop a unique approach of facilitating individual/organizational success with respect & consideration for diverse cultures.

National and International Boards she has served on include:
• Ongoing National and International Accreditation and Inspection Teams
• Governor’s Task Force on Employment Skills
• Chair Staff Development Reviews
• Education-Business Partnership Board
• Congressional Liaison for Education
• Co-Chair Strategic Plan Committees
• Long-Range Planning Boards
• Budget Program Review Boards
• Career Education Quality Board
• Educational Reform Task Force

Areas of training and facilitation include: leadership/responsibility skills, strategic planning, organizational infrastructure, reviews, evaluation, performance assessment, communication, crisis management, data-based decisions, responsible decision-making, community relations, professional development, professional networking, teambuilding, collaboration, problem-solving, coordinating and communication. I founded American Leadership Board, LLC with a focus on leadership/self-leadership at all levels for the 21st Century with a local and global perspective.

Her focus remain on human development, via systemic changes to legacy approaches.

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“An enormous success! The entire experience was a “10”
Hesham Ali Mustafa - General Manager, EMGAS

“Program is excellent. Facilitator is excellent”
Fatima Ali – Procurement Analyst, GPC

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